WeBWorK - Free Online Math Homework

WeBWorK is a web-based system for interactive mathematics homework.

Why use WeBWorK?

  • Students like WeBWorK because they get instant feedback, and they can easily contact instructors/tutors for help.
  • Instructors like WeBWorK because they don't have to grade as much paper-based homework, and they get detailed, up-to-the-minute information about student progress.
  • WeBWorK has a library of over 23,000 problems, ranging from primary levels to upper-level undergrad material. Subjects covered are mostly Mathematics, with some Physics, Computer Science, and Chemistry questions available also.
  • There is a significant body of research showing that WeBWorK, properly used, can be an effective learning vehicle for many students.
  • WeBWorK is free, and open-source. It has been continuously improved since it started in 1995.

Teachers / Instructors

Are you a teacher/instructor at a highschool, college or university department?

If you are interested in using WeBWorK for your courses, but can't commit the technical resources to host your own, we can set up WeBWorK courses for you on our system, free of charge. Please contact us.

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